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Don't let fear control your retirement plans

The last two months have been a trying time for all of us. Not just here in the United States, but throughout the entire world.

We all know that eventually the long run of greatness for our economy would come to an end for a period of time (hopefully short term), but who would have thought after such a tremendous last 10+ years, that it could come crashing down so quickly?

The question we ask is: Were you prepared?

I know, you're thinking how could you ever be prepared for such a time?

When we get too busy riding the highs of the waves that never seem to cease, we can almost become completely blind of the rough waters ahead. No, you can't predict it, but yes, you can be prepared with the assistance of a team that studies the markets on a daily basis for the betterment of their clients. That team is right here at Big Horn.

We pride ourselves on customer service. Educating our clients on different tendencies, economic factors and other topics directly putting an affect on your short term, mid term and long term finances.

Can we time out when things like this will happen? Absolutely not. All we do is control what we can control. We help line up your goals and risk factors to your wants and needs when it comes to reaching your retirement, and form a strategy that will meet or exceed that expectation. Considering no two people are exactly the same, we take a step by step approach that you can adjust as you go. In fact, it's encouraged to take a look at your plan at least a couple times a year to make sure we're doing what's in your best interest. Factors change and when they do, you adjust your plan accordingly.

A raise at work for instance could mean saving more. Being cut down from working forty hours a week to only thirty for example would be a major adjustment that could result in a halt to your savings plan for the moment until things get better. Look at it as a timeout during a game. When a team takes a timeout, they do it to reassess the situation. What can we do different to better our situation? Let's figure out a better plan to work with the current circumstance. With your long term planning, it's no different.

In closing, with these trying times upon us, now may be the time to adjust. Take a timeout to review your 401k, 403b, SIMPLE IRA, personal IRA or Roth IRA and see what's happening within it. Maybe shifting some funds to a platform that can provide you some guarantees in the future would be a good idea, but maybe not. Just know that we are here to help. The team at Big Horn is only a phone call, direct message or email away.

We wish you success with your future planning!

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